Confirmed by recent unanimous votes by both organizations’ boards of directors, the American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) is pleased to announce the Student Osteopathic Medical Association Foundation (SOMAF) will now conduct business under its auspices effective June 1, 2021.

“The impact and strength of the SOMA Foundation is significant,” said Rita Forden, AOF CEO. “Our missions are well-aligned, and we look forward to working with this dynamic group of thought leaders to build a lasting and positive future together.”

As SOMAF’s nonprofit fiscal sponsor, the AOF will oversee its administrative and financial activities and assist with the advancement of its marketing and fundraising efforts, to meet SOMAF growth and sustainability goals. This professional support will allow SOMAF to focus on activities central to its philanthropic mission and to better serve the growing needs of its constituents.

“This strategic partnership will significantly foster the SOMAF’s development, deepening our mission impact while remaining student-serving, student-governed, and student-focused,” said Abbey Santanello, Governing Board Chairperson, SOMAF. “We are delighted by the encouragement of our donors and their support of the SOMA Foundation’s new home. And we look forward to the growing impact the SOMA Foundation will have on the osteopathic medical profession.”