The American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) envisions a world without discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, where health disparities do not exist. Those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, intersex, or asexual (LGBTQ+) are provided with excellent healthcare in an environment free from prejudice.

The AOF has launched the LGBTQ+ Health Equity and Inclusion Campaign to undertake the work of better understanding and addressing the healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ communities.

To reach this audacious goal, we need allies, and we are seeking them now. Learn how you can be an ally. Download the LGBTQ+ Health Equity and Inclusion Campaign Brochure

Consider joining the LGBTQ+ Founders Circle. The American Osteopathic Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Founders Circle is made up of members who, deeply committed to the success of the program, commit a minimum of $10,000 to help establish the American Osteopathic Foundation’s LGBTQ+ Health Equity & Inclusion Fund.

Download the commitment form.

We want to empower, encourage, and inspire those within the Osteopathic community to better understand and care for their LGBTQ+ patients and families.

- Jeffrey S. Grove, DO

Jeffrey Grove, DO, LGBTQ+ Pride Scholarship

Named in honor of Jeffrey Grove, DO, this educational scholarship is awarded annually to recognize an Osteopathic medical student committed to a course of study to better understand and address the unique healthcare needs of the LGBTQ+ community and how such needs can be addressed through Osteopathic medicine.

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