Five Key Areas


Scholarships, the cornerstone of the Foundation, provide resources that help support, encourage, and empower Osteopathic medical students through various stages in their academic journey. Scholarships also recognize the efforts of student physicians who are giving of themselves to make a lasting, profound impact on the profession.

Five Key Areas


The Foundation’s focus on research is steadily growing to advance discoveries as the Osteopathic profession continues to explore new and innovative research that could one day, change the course of modern medicine.

Five Key Areas


The Foundation fundamentally believes success and hard work should be celebrated so we endeavor to celebrate excellence, inspiration, and influential contributions throughout the profession by presenting distinctive annual recognition awards.

Five Key Areas

Community Service

These grants provide support to and within local communities across the United States with the primary goal of delivering quality, accessible care in rural or under-served communities.

Five Key Areas

International Humanitarian Outreach

Travel grants partially underwrite expenses for members of the Osteopathic profession who travel outside of the United States to provide medical care to people with extreme need in under-served, underdeveloped, or disaster-stricken areas.

Award Winners

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Application and Nomination Instructions

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