The American Osteopathic Foundation (AOF) has been proudly serving the Osteopathic profession since 1949 through five funding priorities – educational scholarships, community service, scholarly research, international mission trips, and Osteopathic recognition.

What is the AOF?

The AOF is the only national 501c3 charitable Osteopathic foundation that supports and invests in the whole profession by recognizing Osteopathic students, residents, fellows, physicians, and faculty across the United States, as well as abroad.

Over the last seventy years, the Foundation has provided thousands of grants, scholarships, and awards to members of the Osteopathic community. Since its inception, the Foundation has been supporting programs and initiatives that align with the mission of advancing Osteopathic tenets and principles.

The Foundation was created through generous contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, the American Osteopathic Association, and Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine who wanted to establish an independent 501c3 that could, over time, support elements of the entire Osteopathic profession.

Who supports the AOF?

Our supporters include Osteopathic physicians, industry benefactors, affiliates, and others interested in advancing Osteopathic medicine. Collectively, we believe that celebrating Osteopathic excellence is one of the most important efforts we can undertake to bolster Osteopathic medicine and its practitioners. After all, our true impact can be measured only by the legacy of the physicians we've recognized and the patients whose lives have been impacted by their care.

AOF supporters all share a common objective - to create futures in Osteopathic medicine. By giving to the AOF, donors commit financially to the AOF's programs, which in turn help students grow into Osteopathic physicians and Osteopathic physicians give their patients the best care possible.

How does the AOF operate?

The AOF is governed and guided by a Board of Directors, who oversee five standing committees, and ad-hoc committees as needed. The Board oversees the strategic plan, organizational policies, and activities of the Chief Executive Officer. The Board is comprised of caring, compassionate, dedicated Directors, with Osteopathic physicians serving a majority of the voting members. Other Directors may include Student Doctors, corporate or business executives, COM administration or faculty, or state/association leaders that support the Osteopathic profession and AOF's mission.

Meeting our Mission

Our Mission

To support programs and services that promote Osteopathic medicine and enhance patient-centered care.

Our Vision

To be the leading philanthropic advocate of Osteopathic medicine.

Our Values