The American Osteopathic Foundation is proud to be partnering with the Scripps Research Institute on their DETECT Study.


The American Osteopathic Foundation has partnered with The Scripps Research Institute on a Continuing Medical Education (CME) session titled "Harnessing Wearable Data to Improve Viral Illness Detection."

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The Scripps Research Institute, one of the world’s top research institutions, has developed an app to support its virus tracking research that accesses heart rate information through fitness wearables, and allows participants to record other symptoms like fever or coughing.

Amidst the current global epidemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus, real-time surveillance of highly contagious respiratory illness is absolutely essential for effective outbreak response and prevention strategies. In the current climate, influenza-like illness rates must be identified both more rapidly and more precisely than what is currently possible.

With the proof of concept and necessary infrastructure already in place, Scripps Research has launched DETECT: Digital Engagement & Tracking for Early Control & Treatment. With a free user-friendly, app-based platform MyDataHelps, participants can donate their heart rate, activity and sleep data, as well as log respiratory symptoms and the timing of any treatments taken.

This real-time, crowd-sourced information could help complement traditional public health methods, leading to earlier detection and containment of current and future outbreaks in different geographical locations.

Download additional information about the study from Scripps Research.


Early Results from DETECT Study Suggest Fitness Trackers Can Predict COVID-19 Infection

In a study published October 29 in Nature Medicine, the Scripps Research team reports that wearable devices like Fitbit are capable of identifying cases of COVID-19 by evaluating changes in heart rate, sleep and activity levels, along with self-reported symptom data—and can identify cases with greater success than looking at symptoms alone.

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Developed collaboratively by several Scripps Research teams, seeks to bring together research information on a single site and improve data visualization. During outbreaks of emerging diseases such as COVID-19, efficiently collecting, sharing, and integrating data is critical to scientific research.