AOF Physician of the Year Award

Deadline: No longer accepting nominations for 2020

National Industry Recognition Award

The designation Physician of the Year is awarded annually to one (1) individual whose extraordinary accomplishments and service bring a sense of pride to the profession, and whose actions promote the science of medicine and the betterment of public health. This individual achieves greatness through integrity, commitment to service and community involvement.



A nominee shall be a practicing osteopathic physician with more than fifteen (15) years in practice who is making a difference in health care and whose dedication and leadership has improved the lives of countless people. This person:

  • Has unwavering dedication toward patients and had made a significant impact in direct patient care
  • Makes an extraordinary impact on the lives of others and is consistently looked upon as a role model by his/her peers
  • Promotes the art and science of osteopathic medicine
  • Uses extraordinary and innovative ways to improve public health through a specific act or service
  • Has made innovative contributions either in medicine or to the community even when faced with adversity
  • Embodies the values of the profession through leadership and service to the public and the profession
  • Has made contributions of significant impact to the field of clinical medicine


Nomination Requirements

  • Completed nomination form - self-nominations not accepted
  • Four (4) letters of recommendation/support from four references, including:
    • Letter of Support from Nominator
    • Letter of Support from a current or former employer or a current or past member of the AOA, AOF, or institution’s board of directors. A signed Letter of Support must be submitted by the supporter on their affiliation’s letterhead.
    • Letter of Support from a practicing DO
    • Letter of Support from a patient
  • Optional: Supporting documentation in the form of formal commendations, citations or awards, newspaper or magazine articles, or other media-related profiles will be accepted, but shall serve only as evidence to support the nomination



The recipient will be recognized at the AOF’s Honors event, which due to COVID-19 will be a virtual celebration this year. In addition, the winner will be recognized in various AOF publications, on the website, and through social media outlets.