AOF Sterling Welch, DO, Scholars Grant

Deadline: December 1, 2021

$1,250 Grants

Made possible through a bequest from Sterling Welch, DO, one student from each College or School of Osteopathic Medicine (COM/SOM) and branch campus who has significant financial constraints, may be eligible to receive an educational grant.  

The recipients will receive monetary support to help defray costs during the student's education and will be selected based on their significant financial need, academic achievement, participation in volunteer service-orientated activities, and strong commitment toward osteopathic medicine.  

Scholarship Award 

An annual educational grant award in the amount of $1,250 will be presented to one (1) student from each COM/SOM or branch campus who has significant financial constraints in order to offset expenses associated with medical school. 

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Must be an OMS II or OMS III enrolled at a COCA -Accredited College/School of Osteopathic Medicine (COM/SOM) during the fall of 2021. Osteopathic medical students must meet the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrated significant financial need while completing his/her/their osteopathic medical education 

  • Must be in good academic standing and display strong academic achievements 

  • Participation in volunteer community service activities outside of college requirements; may include participation in academically-related organizations/clinics while in osteopathic medical school 

  • Strong affinity for osteopathic principals and tenants  

NOTE: This grant may be given to students who have won another AOF award, with the exception of Golden Ticket finalists; Golden Ticket finalists and winners are ineligible for this award.

Nomination Requirements  

  • Completed nomination form by COM/SOM representative – self-nominations are not accepted 

  • One (1) letter of recommendation 

  • One (1) letter from the Dean or his/her/their designee as an official document certifying that the applicant is in good academic standing (OR) recent academic transcript  

  • One (1) letter from the Director of Financial Aid verifying why the recipient was selected 

  • One (1) personal statement from student with explanation of financial need 

Review Process 

The Welch application portal closes Wednesday, December 1, 2021. Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed. All approved grants will be extended prior to December 31, 2021. 

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This grant was established in 2001 to provide monetary aid to students in need at each college of osteopathic medicine. In October 2002, the grant was renamed the Welch Scholars Grant in honor of Sterling Welch, DO, for his outstanding generosity to the AOF and his desire to support osteopathic medical students.