For more than 70 years, the power of the American Osteopathic Foundation has been generated through the collective commitment of the profession.  We know that together we do more. With the strength and vision of our partners, we continued to advance outstanding work, making a positive, impactful difference.

As COVID-19 came into focus in early 2020, the Foundation, with the steadfast leadership of its Board and dedicated staff did what was needed to help those around us.  We researched and vetted resources to share with our partner nonprofits. With the assistance of marketing, strategic planning, and investment professionals, we hosted a webinar that provided practical advice to weather the storm.


Scripps Research DETECT Study

We engaged as a partner in the Scripps Research DETECT Study to promote the use of wearable devices in spotting viral outbreaks such as COVID-19. Since this summer, the Foundation and its network of physicians, industry supporters, and affiliates have been informing and engaging a wide audience about participation in the DETECT study to provide valuable input on addressing significant research questions.

To broaden the reach of this important work, we've partnered with the Mississippi Osteopathic Medical Association to target underserved, rural populations throughout the state. Learn more about this targeted outreach.

Learn more about and sign up to take part in this timely study.


AOF Corporate Partnership Program

The focus of the American Osteopathic Foundation’s Corporate Partnership Program is to help address the professional needs of osteopathic students, residents, and physicians, as well as the patients they serve. Membership is open to companies or institutions interested in promoting the osteopathic philosophy.

Learn more about the program and its benefits.