Sr. Anne Brooks, DO Announces Retirement from Tutwiler Clinic

June 28, 2017


Nestled in the Mississippi Delta, where Tutwiler, MS median income is well below the U.S. poverty level, and more than two-thirds of the residents who lack health insurance, is a true “saint with stethoscope” who has dedicated over 35 years of her life to providing quality patient care to those who need it most. 

This year, we celebrate her contributions to the osteopathic profession, as she has officially announced her retirement. Today will be her last day in the clinic she founded which now has well over 30 employees.  

A true osteopathic physician who embodies the holistic approach to medicine, Sister Anne Eucharista Books, SNJM, DO, FACOFP sees over 8,500 patients a year where 1 out of 3 live in poverty and 7 out of 10 walk in her door with no way to pay for care. 

After searching for the poorest of the poor in America needing medical service Sr. Anne Brooks, DO choose to start the Tutwiler Clinic 34 years ago and to this day has continued to work 12-hour days to serve the people. 

 “Osteopathic medicine is not about treating symptoms, but the consideration of everything about the patient and their life. Dr. Brooks retires caring for literally tens of thousands of patients, all of which are better off because of her compassionate, holistic approach. She is a true osteopathic physician.” says Richard A. Feely, DO, of Feely Center for Optimal Health in Chicago, IL, AOF Board Member and close friend of Sr. Anne.

National publicity from such well-known media outlets as People magazine and the CBS-TV news program, “60 Minutes,” has helped drive donors to support the Tutwiler Clinic’s work of serving poor and uninsured patients in the delta. Over the years, the clinic’s clientele has grown and the building has been enlarged four times. 

In February 2017, the Tutwiler Clinic was acquired by Tallahatchie General Hospital, offering hope that the clinic will be able to continue its mission far into the future, according to Dr. Brooks. 

Tutwiler holds a special place in the heart of the AOF as well. The first-ever HumanTouch Student Leadership Program was held in Tutwiler, Mississippi in 2010. Traveling from nine schools in Nevada, Michigan, New York, Colorado, Oklahoma, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee and Mississippi, osteopathic medical students rolled up their sleeves to help the West Tallahatchie Habitat for Humanity build homes and enjoyed the privilege of working with the legendary Sr. Anne in the clinic.

“Our Tutwiler trip was so eye-opening for students. Since that trip, we have been able to watch the amazing things Dr. Brooks has done over the years. We [AOF] also had the privilege of recognizing her as Physician of the Year in 2012. She truly embodies the values of the osteopathic profession through leadership and service.” Says Stephen S. Downey, CAE, CFRE, Executive Director of the AOF.

Today, Dr. Brooks retires after receiving 6 honorary doctorate degrees from various universities across America.  Dr. Brooks embodies the values of the osteopathic profession through leadership and service in the public and private areas of health care in rural Mississippi. She has helped the profession in advancing osteopathic medicine in rural health care communities and has trained many osteopathic students. Dr. Brooks has demonstrated unwavering dedication toward her patients and her profession. She is constantly looked upon as a role model by her peers. But most important, she is a healer and a source of hope for those most in need.




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