Pivoting Your Organization's Strategy During COVID-19 - AOF Webinar Series

May 21, 2020
As many nonprofit organizations seek guidance on how to proceed during this time of uncertainty, the American Osteopathic Foundation is supporting the valuable work by convening professionals to offer practical advice and expertise in critical areas on how best to move forward.
The American Osteopathic Foundation recently hosted Evaluating and Pivoting Your Organization’s Strategy During COVID-19 to provide expert insight and recommendations on how to take control of an organization's strategy and make meaningful progress during these tough times.


The webinar covers:

  • Unique implications of the current situation
  • Strengthening board engagement
  • Pivoting strategic plans
  • Adjusting policies to adapt quickly when the unforeseen happens


Learn more about our guest panelists:
Carl Cox, CEO, 40 Strategy
John Davidoff, Founder and Chief Mission-Driver, Davidoff Mission-Driven Strategy
Lesia Marino-Brolinson, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management - Marino-Brolinson/Stoner Group
Moderated by