2018-2020 NAM Osteopathic Medicine Fellow

October 26, 2019

The NAM Fellowship was established through the support of the AOA, AACOM and AOF to enable talented, early-career health science scholars to participate actively in health- and medicine-related work of the National Academies and to further their career as future leaders in the field.

Dr. Michelle Kvalsund is a clinical neuro-physiologist and neuro-epidemiologist with special interest in tropical neurology and global health. Her research focuses on intersections between nutrition, infectious disease, and neurologic health and disease in resource-limited settings. As an assistant professor of neurology and director of adult global neurology initiatives within the Michigan State University Department of Neurology’s International Neurologic & Psychiatric Epidemiology Program, Dr. Kvalsund spends nine months annually in Lusaka, Zambia, where she is principal investigator for the “Research on Assessments of Vitamin B12 and Evaluation of Neuropathy Study” (RAVENS) study. In detailing preventable nutritional and toxic-nutritional neurologic morbidity in resource-limiting settings, her research has important potential public health and health policy implications relating to food production and storage, nutritional supplementation, as well as national formulary guidelines in resource-limited settings.

Dr. Kvalsund also holds an adjunct appointment as an honorary lecturer at the University of Zambia School of Medicine Department of Internal Medicine and participates in clinical educational activities with medical students and post-graduates, holds a weekly general neurology clinic and conducts inpatient consultations at the University Teaching Hospital. She is also the director of the electromyography division of the University Teaching Hospital electro-diagnostic laboratory.

Michelle Kvalsund, DO, MS, Assistant Professor of Neurology & Director of Adult Global Neurology
Michigan State University Department of Neurology