2017 Burnett Osteopathic Student Researcher Award Winner

October 12, 2017

Research--new discoveries, advances in knowledge--is the key to the future of medicine. The curiosity-driven professionals who dedicate their careers to research can turn that vitally important key. Brian Joseph Di Giacinto, DO, is one of those.  He demonstrates keen insight, superior problem-solving and exceptional dedication to his projects. 

The Burnett Osteopathic Student Researcher Award recognizes an osteopathic medical student for outstanding accomplishments in research. The study that earned Dr. Di Giacinto this award examined whether OMM was beneficial in treating chronic lower extremity ulcers in patients with longstanding edema. It was the first to show objective evidence that patients treated with lymphatic OMM experience a measurable reduction in swelling. "It was thrilling to explore one of the fundamental techniques of OMM and, through research, take the first steps towards its validation," says Dr. Di Giacinto of this pioneering study. 

John H. Samies, MD, who oversaw this research project, calls Dr. Di Giacinto a role model to others. "He exemplifies the true spirit of human research in both his passion for this project and also in his unwavering commitment to protection and humanistic care of his patients." 

This research project is far from over. In fact, the team is currently in the process of submitting the pilot study for publication and hopes to establish a partnership between VCOM–Carolinas and osteopathic postdoctoral programs on a large multi-center clinical trial to expand initial findings.

Di Giacinto's excellence has been previously recognized with several prestigious honors, including the ACOFP Peer Review Writing Internship and membership in the Sigma Sigma Phi osteopathic honor society and Beta Beta Beta national biology & research honor society. He also founded and served as 2010-2012 President of HEART, a student health peer education organization, which won Wittenberg's Student Organization of the Year in 2012.

Di Giacinto received his Bachelors in Biology from Wittenberg University and also attended the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin before enrolling in the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, from which he graduated this year. "There is no medical field more exciting than osteopathic medicine, and I'm excited to continue researching OMM to add to the foundation proving the efficacy our treatments have," he says. 

Teresa M. Kilgore, DO, Internal Medicine Chair at VCOM Carolinas, lauds Dr. Di Giacinto's "dedication to the principles of osteopathic medicine as well as striving to validate the tenets that we learn and successfully use to treat our patients." 

For his exceptional achievements in an academic setting and success in research, the American Osteopathic Foundation is pleased to award Brian Joseph Di Giacinto, DO, the 2017 Burnett Osteopathic Student Researcher Award. 

Brian Joseph DiGiacinto, DO