The Osteopathic Researcher Expansion Award seeks to advance the scientific training of new investigators who are at the cusp of concluding research but need ‘extra support’ to the finish line. Expansion Award funds can be used to expand upon the scope, impact, or breadth of currently funded projects. This pilot grant has been created to support current research in process by new researchers, that through an extension of research, or slight pivot, could provide for a new discovery or outcome if additional resources could be extended. These awards are intended to fill a gap in existing funding opportunities, as opposed to funding new projects.

New researchers are defined as Principal Investigator (PI) who has completed their terminal research degree or end of post-graduate clinical training, whichever date is later, within the past 10 years. Individuals who have previously competed successfully as a PI for an AOA grant or an AOA/AOF grant and/or received an R01 National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant or its equivalent as a PI are not eligible.

Two (2) grants of $12,500 or one grant of $25,000 will be given. Payments will be made to the investigator’s institution in two installments: 80% upon signing of grant agreement and 20% upon completion of final report. The project period is 12 months, with a final report due 30 days post.

Research projects must be in progress at the time of application; AOF funds are intended to be used to expand existing research to achieve greater than anticipated results. Applications must provide discussion of how the award will expand the scope or increase the Osteopathic and scientific impact of an existing research project.

Eligibility Criteria

Proposal Requirements

Additional Requirements
It is the expectation of the AOF that research results are submitted for publication in a peer review journal. All publications shall acknowledge the support of the American Osteopathic Foundation. Grant recipients are required to submit a Final Grant Report along with documentation supporting expenditures. Receipts will be required for non-salary-related expenses. Final payment is contingent on report completion.

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