AOF Distinguished Military Service Award

Deadline: No longer accepting nominations for 2019

National Industry Recognition

NEW in 2019, the AOF will accept nominations to honor and recognize one (1) osteopathic physician who is an active service member (may or may not be deployed) in the United States military as a practicing physician.  The Distinguished Military Service Award was established to honor outstanding osteopathic physicians who have made significant contributions to the practice of military medicine and who have served as exemplary role models for other physicians. 

Nominee Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Practicing DO physician
  2. Nominee status:  Active* duty and/or currently deployed
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Marine  Corp
    • Coast Guard
  3. Actively involved in any discipline of osteopathic medicine
  4. Award is based upon 4 areas
    • Major Achievements in the nominee’s primary medical field 
    • Contributions to enhancing the role of osteopathic medicine in the military
    • Leadership Ability, including recognition as an exceptional leader, teacher, clinician, or mentor
    • Active membership and/or involvement with the American Osteopathic Association (AOA)


Nomination Requirements:

  • A 60-90 second nomination video (uploaded to the AOF Dropbox ). In the video, the nominator must state the following:
    • Your name and rank and/or title
    • Who you are nominating, their rank and position in the military
    • Your relationship to the nominee
    • Why they should win the Distinguished Military Service Award
    • At least two (2) examples of the below components:
      • How does the nominee go above and beyond what is expected, and stands above his/her peers?
      • How has the nominee been recognized as an “osteopathic leader” among his/her peers?
      • How does the nominee display qualities of a leader that is demonstrated through service to the profession and/or to the military?
      • How does the nominee promote the philosophy of osteopathic in military medicine?
      • Has the nominee made significant contributions to the profession and/or has received accolades for his/her professional accomplishments? And how?
  • A completed online nomination form 
  • One (1) additional letter of recommendation from a current fellow serviceman/woman or commanding officer
  • The nominee's current CV/ Resume (should include memberships; osteopathic and other)
  • High Resolution Headshot / Photo in uniform (must be 300dpi or higher in jpeg format)
  • Confirmation of Community Service (examples may be included in a recommendation letter; newspaper clippings encouraged) - can be included in the CV or Resume

General Information

Self-nominations will not be accepted. The nominator must be an active military member and may not be related to the nominee.  Active membership and/or involvement with the AOA is strongly preferred.  The award may not be given posthumously as the recipient must be an active service member.  

*The award may not be given posthumously as the recipient must be an active service member.