AOF Caring for Communities Grant

Deadline: The 2019 application period opens in the Fall!

Up to $5,000

Providing care to disadvantaged communities and populations is critical to the success of healthcare in the United States.  The lack of physicians and access to healthcare in these communities severely compromises disease prevention activities and often results in poor health status.

This award honors extraordinary humanitarian efforts in overlooked communities within the United States. The award is intended to highlight and recognize clinics utilizing the aid of osteopathic physicians to serve disadvantaged communities and people in desperate need of care.  This award salutes  those osteopathic physicians whose extraordinary and enduring humanitarian efforts within the United States, demonstrate the highest standard of compassion and sensitivity while providing medical care to the communities they serve.

A qualified 501(c)(3) center; one that has an osteopathic physician directly and actively involved in the operation and evaluation of the program, that best exemplifies the humanitarian values of compassion, dedication and dignified care while addressing the healthcare needs of people in disadvantaged communities

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Serving and treating a significant number of disadvantaged people and/or people in desperate need of healthcare
  • Treating patients for at least one-year
  • Improving the quality of life and health for the patients being served
  • Promoting osteopathic philosophy and principles when treating patients
  • Using enhanced treatment modalities (exercise, diet, lifestyle, and pharmaceutical applications) to aid in managing disease
  • Creating general public awareness at either the local, regional or national level
  • Demonstrating efforts to eliminate practices that can cause disparate treatment of disadvantaged people



This award is made possible by Carole Crosby, JD, and Larry Wickless, DO, through a generous gift. One recipient will be presented with an award of up to $5,000. All complete application packets will be reviewed and rated against the eligibility criteria by the AOF’s Committee on Grants and Awards. The selection committee will look for documentation that supports the application. The award check will be mailed to the recipient during August and will contain the name of the recipient. Former award recipients are not eligible to reapply for the same award for a period of three years. The AOF as payer, must report to the IRS the $5,000 award on form 1099-MISC. The award recipient must complete a W-9 tax form; the award check will not be mailed until the completed form is received.