AOF Edward & Joanne Loniewski Merit Scholarship

Deadline: 2021 Application Cycle Closed


The AOF Edward & Joanne Loniewski Merit Scholarship was established by Edward A. Loniewski, DO, before his passing in 2018.  Dr. Loniewski, served as Board President of both the AOA and the AOF, sharing his commitment to the profession, as well as his passion for giving back.  The scholarship was created to recognize and support an annual scholarship for one (1) OMS III or OMS IV who is enrolled at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM).    

Award Amount 

An annual educational scholarship of $3,000 will be presented to one (1) OMS III or OMS IV who has noteworthy academic achievement, demonstrates leadership qualities within the classroom or community, and demonstrates a real financial need.   


Must be an OMS III or OMS IV in good standing enrolled at MSUCOM during the fall of 2021. Applicant must also demonstrate the following: 

  • Must have demonstrated leadership qualities within the classroom and community 

  • Must have an unmet financial need  

  • Must not put other grants or scholarships at risk by accepting this scholarship 

Application Requirements 

  • One (1) online application form – self-nominations accepted 

  • One (1) letter of recommendation 

  • One (1) letter from the Dean or his/her/their designee certifying applicant is in good academic standing and confirm the student's class ranking or academic standing 

  • One (1) letter from the Director of Financial Aid to confirm this scholarship will not render the student illegible for other grants/scholarship opportunities 

  • One (1) personal statement from MSUCOM student (address criteria specific to the award) 

  • Current Curriculum Vitae or Resume  

  • Medical school academic transcript from MSUCOM (may be mailed separately) 


The annual scholarship winner will be recognized in various AOF publications, on the website and through social media outlets. 

Review Process 

The AOF Edward & Joanne Loniewski Merit Scholarship application portal will close on Monday, September 20, 2021. Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed. All approved grants will be extended prior to December 31, 2021.