Training in Policy Studies (TIPS) Program

AOA’s Training in Policy Studies (TIPS) Fellowship, is a program designed to prepare the next generation of leaders in health policy. This one-year program, funded by the American Osteopathic Foundation, provides residents with an understanding of current health policy issues and helps them build skills necessary to speak up on behalf of their patients and tackle complex public health challenges.

Fellows gain hands-on experience in policy by attending meetings led by experts, drafting policy briefs and papers, engaging in interactive training, and attending events that provide leadership and networking opportunities.  

This program serves as an initial leadership program for residents wishing to become more active within the osteopathic profession. TIPS fellows have gone on to participate in the Health Policy Fellowship program, which has produced over 20 deans and college of osteopathic medicine presidents.  


2019-2020 TIPS Fellows

James Latronica (PA-Family Medicine)

Aaron Brooks (MS-Internal Medicine)

Nancy Xia (NJ-Child Neurology)

T. Brian Marcoux (CA-Psychiatry)

Erin Thornley (AZ-Pediatrics)

Blessy Varughese (TX-Internal Medicine)

Pooja Kinkhabwala (FL-Endocrinology)

Syed Abbas Naqvi (CA-Family Medicine)

Caleb Scheckel (MN-Hematology/Medical Oncology)

Aishwarya Rajagopalan (MA-Psychiatry)