Fit for Life Award

One of the keys to enjoying higher quality of life is being fit and healthy.  Yet, most Americans find it challenging to incorporate daily physical activity and good nutrition into their busy lifestyles.

The “Fit for Life Award" rewards excellence in the field of health and wellness and salutes those who have made significant advancements in the health of their patients by utilizing an innovative approach toward total wellness.
This award is open to any osteopathic physician, or to a qualified center or program, that focuses on the advancement of health and overall wellness. A qualified center or program is one that has two or more osteopathic physicians directly and actively involved in the operation and evaluation of the program.
No recipient was selected in 2014
This award was established to honor AOA President Peter B. Ajluni, DO, and his presidential theme "DOs Fit for Life." This award was not offered in 2014. In 2013, this award was made possible through support from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.