2017 Individual Leadership Society

It is with great appreciation that we recognize and thank the following individuals for investing in the future of the osteopathic profession by supporting the AOF and its mission through unrestricted gifts to the AOF or gifts in memory of someone special.

Annual Giving: January 1, 2017 to July 6, 2017

Diamond Leadership Society ($25,000 and up)


Platinum Leadership Society ($5,000 to $24,999)


Gold Leadership Society ($2,500 - $4,999)

William D. Strampel, DO

Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, DO & Fred Rawlins, DO


Silver Leadership Society ($1,000 - $2,499)

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Baker

Michele A. Neff-Bulger, DO & John B. Bulger, DO, MBA

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Burke

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Burns

Mark S. Cantieri, DO, FAAO

Dr. and Mrs. Scott Cyrus

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest R. Gelb

Jeffrey Grove, DO

Wayne A. Hey, DO

Timothy J. Kowalski, DO, FACN

Hal David Martin, DO

Bhaba Misra, DO

Karen J. Nichols, DO & James Nichols

C. Michael Ogle, DO

Robert G. Piccinini, DO

Joshua L. Prober, JD

Julieanne P. Sees, DO

Richard H. Still, III, DO

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thacker

Cynthia M. Trosin, DO

Robert Williams, M.S.


Bronze Leadership Society ($500 - $999) 

Anthony G. Chila, DO

Roberta J. Guibord, DO

Robert J. Kromer, DO

Jay H Shubrook, Jr., DO

Gentry Leadership Society ($250 - $499)

Larry G. Andrew, DO

William A. Bush, DO

Arlen Foulks, DO

David E. Garza, DO

Cmdr. Thomas L. Goodell, DO

Robert C. Luderer, DO

Rudolph Moise, DO

Edgar J. Rennoe, DO

Michael L. Ross, DO

Joel L. Rush, DO

Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH

John R. Socey, DO

Dr. and Mrs. Ray E. Stowers


Century Leadership Society ($100 - $249)

Robert C. Clark, DO

Alan A. D'Augustine, DO

Joseph F. Dorsten, DO

Harvey A. Drapkin, DO

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Feely

Russell G. Gamber, DO, MPH

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Grogg

Gretta A. Gross, DO

Charles R. Hall, DO

Don L. Hollandsworth, DO

Alexzandra Hollingworth

Donald G. Hudson, DO

Don Jablonski, DO

Michael G. Johanson, DO

Gloria D. Kayfan, DO

Joseph M. Kaczmarczyk, DO, MPH

Ronnie Keith

COL Lenard M. Kerr, DO

Hollis H. King, PhD, DO

Janet M. Krettek, DO

CAPT Steven M. Kriss, DO

Paul M. Krueger, DO

Bryan P. Kuns, DO

James J. Lamberg, DO

Sherman N. Leis, BA, DO

Polly E. Leonard, DO

Martin Loscalzo

David J. Martinke, DO

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Mayo

James J. McCormick, Jr, DO, PA

Thomas E. McCurdy, DO

James Mitchell, DO

Joseph P. Molnar, DO

John C. Mutziger, DO

William E. Osorn, III, DO

Anthony N. Ottaviani, DO, MPH, FACOI, FCCP

Michael Parisi, DO

Steven Fredric Rubin, DO, FACOFP

Sonbol Shahid-Salles, DO, MPH

William H. Stager, DO, MS, FACOFP

Ray E. Stowers, DO

Gerald R. Swiacki, DO

Ralph Wayne Templin, DO

Amelia G. Tunanidas Pantelis, DO, BS

John A. Tyrrell, DO

Janice A. Wachtler

Alesia J. Wagner-Largent, DO

Florian T. Walter, DO

J. Todd Weihl, DO

Federick E. White, DO

Stephen P. Zanella, D