Corporate Giving

The hallmark of corporate-nonprofit relationships is that they advance both the mission of the nonprofit organization and the business purpose of the company. They are mutually beneficial because they involve an exchange of something of value from each participant to the other. Read about the benefits of corporate giving.

With the growing emphasis on patient involvement and patient advocacy - coupled with the desire for a holistic approach to primary care - the treatment for patients is changing, thus positioning the osteopathic medical profession as the natural choice for the future.

We invite you to position your company among the industry leaders of the AOF by offering a variety of giving levels for corporations. Don't think of your philanthropy as a charitable donation, think of it as a strategic business investment that gives your company access to resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

Corporate Benefactor Levels

Community Trust


Pinnacle Partner


President's Circle Partner


Grand Patron Partner


The support from Corporate Benefactors help us make a difference within the osteopathic profession and the patients that are served. 

Questions About Giving?

For additional information about the different types of giving, email the AOF at or call us at 312.202.8234 or toll free 
at 866.455.9383.