2016 Outstanding Resident of the Year in Emergency Medicine

September 18, 2016

In the past three years, Dr. Sergent has been able to accomplish what many academicians attempt to accomplish throughout their entire career,” says John Ashurst, DO, MSc, Director of Emergency Medicine Residency Research at Duke Lifepoint Conemaugh Memorial Medical where Sergent is currently completing his residency. “During his time, Dr. Sergent has had 42 abstracts in various degrees of publication, seven editorials, three  peer-reviewed manuscripts, spoken both nationally and internationally and has won awards locally, regionally, and nationally for his work.” 

During medical school Shane founded an international medical research elective in conjunction with a medical mission he co-founded. “Rather than providing immediate care, I began investigating, with clinically based research, sustainable preventative strategies.” He is now a Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSU-COM) Clinical Faculty member and the International Research Director for the elective. Since its inception, he has exposed over 200 medical students to clinical research, has been highlighted in publications, published research and improved the health of patients. 

In the last 20 years, the A.T. Still Research Award has only been presented six times. The seventh was presented to Shane for his presentation “Transcending the International Osteopathic Identity; Cross-sectional Analysis of Osteopathic Principles and Practices in Peru”. He speaks regularly about osteopathic principles and how they can be applied to patient-centered care. 

Dr. Sergent is currently the Chief Resident at Duke Lifepoint Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. He holds two Academic ranks; Honorary Professor at Universidad Cesar Vallejo and Clinical Faculty member at MSU-COM.   During this time he has used his familiarity with international studies and started the first international elective. He works with four hospitals in the US in order to establish programs like this and hopes to expand. 

Although Sergent has dedicated so much of his early career to international studies, he has always been a true advocate for the osteopathic profession at home. He has lead a state wide initiative, educating peers and patients about Osteopathic Principles and Practice through seminars and has consistently used his advocacy efforts at events such as DO Day on Capitol Hill and various state legislative meetings. 

“Dr. Sergent’s work and dedication to emergency medicine and international medicine speak volumes about his interest and commitment to helping others and continuously learning himself,” says Matthew Perry, DO, FACOEP, FAAEM Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Program Director.

Shane Sergent, DO