James M. Lally, DO, Emerging Leader Award

Deadline: Applications now closed for 2018.

Recognition Award

The James M. Lally, DO, Emerging Leader Award honors and recognizes an osteopathic leader whose accomplishments and actions have been instrumental in motivating and inspiring others for the betterment of the osteopathic profession and public health.

The nominee shall be an osteopathic physician in practice less than five years who is a current member of the AOA and his or her Specialty College.  The nominee shall display/meet the following characteristics and/or criteria:

  • Promotes osteopathic medicine and its philosophy
  • Is a role model and a strong leader who continuously uses his or her skills to better the profession
  • Has numerous noteworthy accomplishments demonstrating his or her role as a leader
  • Displays the qualities of a top leader and has demonstrated this through service to the profession and the public
  • Has made a positive impact through his or her contributions within osteopathic organizations, through teaching, administration, committee work, political actions, or through work with national associations.



The AOF's Board of Directors voted to rename the Emerging Leader Award in 2011 after James M. Lally, DO, MMM, for exemplary leadership in his professional and personal life. Dr. Lally has dedicated his career to service—making a difference locally, nationally and internationally. He leads by example, and has had a lasting positive impact on the young osteopathic physicians he has mentored over the years.